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Anonymous said: So I'm starting to feel really mentally exhausted, But If I don't start recovery now then I'm not going to have a life. I have no friends, nobody cares. I'm the anon about my friend before.. We made up but I feel miserable now. I want to end my life so bad.

Babe no :( I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way. I’ve gone through it before and believe me, I know how much it sucks. Saying it sucks is an understatement. But since I’ve gone through it you HAVE to believe me when I say it’s only temporary. Things are going to get better. While I was going through that, I was convinced I was going to feel that way for the rest of my life but that’s not the case at all and the key to recovery is having hope you’re going to get better, and PLEASE no more thinking about suicide. That is never the answer.

And I never want you to say no one cares about you because I legitimately do care for you. I was actually thinking about you and if thinks worked out with your friends, so I’m glad you messaged me again. I really wish you would come off anon so I would have a better way to contact you and help you through this.

You feel emotionally drained right? So the solution is to emotionally rest for a while until you start feeling better. I’m not sure what exactly is triggering you to feel so miserable, but really think about what it is and basically just get away from it. Is it your friends? Is it social media? Either way I think you just need to take a break from everything and everyone and focus on your own happiness. Sleep in! Leave your phone in the other room and lose yourself in a good book or movie. Start on a project that really makes you happy. Ignore everyone and that upsets you and don’t you dare feel bad about it! Your emotional stability comes first. Stay off the internet or tumblr and the drama of everything and seriously just relax. I guarantee you if you do that for a few days you won’t be so miserable. You don’t need people to make you happy as long as you can be happy with just yourself. That’s really what you need to practice here. Please just try it for me okay? I love you and I don’t want you to feel bad anymore.


daayy-dreamingg said: Your advice is so amazing I stalk you 24/7



Anonymous said: I hope my ask made sense I didn't have enough character space I just dk what to do about him cause I was really offended but I refuse to initiate a conversation after how poorly he treated me

I’m not sure what ask you’re talking about babe, I don’t think I got your first message. Can you resend it?

Of course you shouldn’t initiate a conversation with him if he treated you badly. Good for you! Drop him. Idk what he did but if he made you feel bad then fuck him you deserve better.


Anonymous said: I stalk you a lot tbh.

100% Okay with that :) <3


Anonymous said: Do you ever start to feel yourself getting feelings for someone you thought you were over? I'm having this problem... 😭😭

That’s definitely happened to me in the past, but not anymore. I’ve come to realize that if things end it doesn’t change a second time around. Or third. Or fourth, etc etc. Why do you think you’re getting feelings for this person again? Is it because you started thinking about the memories and you miss them or is it just because you’re lonely? You stopped liking this person for a reason in the first place. Don’t forget why that is and most definitely don’t let loneliness make your brain think you want this person back. Get out of your own head! Go get some fresh air and meet new people and I guarantee you’ll stop thinking about this person :)


Anonymous said: Hey! I just followed ur blog & was reading through ur advice and saw how amazing the advice you give is so I thought I would ask you something I've liked this guy on/off for 3 years he was my best friend and for the past year and a half he's liked me back. His parents won't allow him to hang out so we never see each other. Lately through internet stalking I've seen he's been talkig 2 a lot of my close friends but not texting me so I decided not to text him first.. Is this a good idea? Plz help

Honestly babe I think you should just move on. I know you guys have liked each other for a really long time, but just looking at this logically I don’t think it would work. If it’s been that long he should have made his move by now if he were serious. Also it’s a red flag that his parents won’t let him out of the house because trust me. You DO NOT want to start dating someone with strict parents. Not only will you never get to see them, but if you do manage to see them his parents will be a pain in the ass to deal with and it’s just not worth it. 

And why the hell would he be talking to your close friends and not you? You didn’t do anything wrong, you didn’t do anything to make him suddenly not want to text you so trust me, just let him go. If he wants to be a little shit then let him be a shit on his own time. Don’t even worry about. Just worry about yourself and your own happiness and don’t let a silly boy stress you out. <3


Anonymous said: How do you feel about age differences? I'm just kinda curious about your opinion (: Love you bby

Hmmm. I think if you’re 19 and under, you should really try and date someone your own age or a year apart max, just because if you think about it logically there is a HUGE difference between someone who is 15 and someone who is 18, and there are so many changes in life going on so it’s best to stay with people your own age who are doing the same things and whose minds are in the same place. I know teenagers do like 3 years gap all the time and I’m nto saying there’s anything wrong with it, this is just the advice I would give my daughter.

However I think once you reach 20, as long as you find a partner who wants the same goals as you, age is just a number. If you’re in your early 20’s and your goals are to buy a house and get married then it’s totally find if you want to date someone twice your age and who has the same goals. There’s nothing wrong with that :) 

Of course this is just my opinion. Personally, as long as the guy isn’t old enough to be my dad I don’t really mind an age gap. Especially now since I’m legal, it’s all about the chemistry instead of age. 


Anonymous said: Hey Koda, why do guys always become so much more desperate when they realize you don't care as much about them anymore? It doesn't make sense to me lol they basically throw themselves at you once you begin to let go of them. Guy logic.... facepalm


I talked to some of my guy friends about it and basically from what I’ve gathered it’s because immature boys enjoy the chase more than actually having the girl. Like if they already have you, you’re not as interesting. Like they already won the medal. Which is S0 fucked up because girls aren’t prizes but boys are fucking stupid. I’m not saying this is how every guy thinks but just the really immature teen boys. Before they really grow up. 

That always happens though, like as soon as I stop caring about a guy they’re like HeyYyyYyYyYyYY and I’m like WHATTHAHELL. But basically if a guy pulls that shit I drop them immediately because I don’t like immature boys and I’m not a prize so I suggest you do the same if you ever encounter someone like that. We deserve better.